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Go see Hot Fuzz...

Freakin awesome... Almost better than Sean of the Dead!
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Apr. 30th, 2007


Sadly, Patches didn't make it. All we can say is that we made him comfortable and happy in his time of need.

Chaze and I went back to Wal-mart, in search of more fishy friends, and found two little fantails. (Man, I do loves me meh fantails!)

We found two.

They are both the size of a quarter each. The first one, is named Baby Nimitz, as he looks exactly like his namesake.

The second one, well... I couldn't pass him up.

He's all orange, with brown fins, and a spot above his mouth, that looks like... you guessed it... A Hitler moustashe.

so, my two new fish, are Baby Nimitz... and Hitler...

Heh, who ever said reincarnation was a good thing?
So, as we all know, I was feeling pretty shitty yesterday...

Thanks to helping someone out, I am feeling a lot better.

Patches, is the new addition to the fishy part of the household. He currently resides in the one gallon tank (for good reason)

When we went back to Wal-mart to look at their fish, we saw something that kinda made me sad...

This poor fish has the worst case of Ick that I have ever seen.

It has basically taken most of the part in front of his right eye, and has started taking the scales on the left side of his face.

Needless to say, we bought a bottle of Ick away, and some fungus clear tablets.

Whats awesome, is this little fantail, is already looking much happier.

Apr. 15th, 2007

Today, when I woke up... I found something horrible.

Nimits, my beautiful Silver and Orange Fantial Godfish, wasn't moving in his tank.

Things had been turning strange since I introduced Neon into the tank. When I did that, the fish stopped eating. Currently, as Chaze switches out the water in the tank, there is at least two days worth of food on the bottom of the tank.

I'm thinking I may have to get Neon his own tank, just so something like this dosen't happen again.

My theory is as follows; when we introduced Neon into the tank, Nimitz was the leader. Being the larger fish, Neon wanted to assume control. I think that Neon wouldn't let Nimitz eat, ergo starving my favorite fish to death.

Chaze says that I should take Neon back to where we got him, but, I think that is too mean.

What do you, oh readers of LJ think I should do?

Needless to say, I am getting Nimitz the second.... or I might give him another name... dunno yet...
Just to let everyone know, Tomorrow at 4:17 the world is going to end...

and I feel fine

Ah... Emoface!

This is such a good laugh!

Don't get me wrong, I love My Chemical Romance, but Damnit Gerard! Could you make the Emoface look any funnier!

Ah Gerard, How I love you!